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Printed carrier bags

There is a large range of carrier bags that can be printed. They come in many different sizes, thicknesses, colours and guage. Plastic carrier bags are not expensive and can also be made of eco-friendly plastic. On this website we will introduce you to some of them. But if you want to see the whole range of bags please visit Polybags stocked carrier bags or fill in a form to get a free quotation on your choice of printed carrier bags.

Patch handle carrier bags

One of the most enduring and usual form of carrier bag. With a reinforced patch glued to the inside of the cut-out handle making them stronger and more durable. Usually finished with a straight cut punched out handle. A patch handle carrier bag can be printed up to 100% in full colour.

Flexiloop carriers

A flexiloop carrier looks like the vari-gauge and patch handled carrier bags, but with a welded polythene handle ideal to add a little more class to a polythene carrier bag. These bags are a popular bag used in fashion and retail stores and are a great promotional bag for exhibitions. The handle can be made as a Low Density Polyethylene flexi-loop handle or as a High Density Polyethylene flexiloop handle.

Clip close carriers

Clip close handle carrier bags are suitable for any luxury market such as cosmetics, jewellery, exhibitions, boutiques and designer clothing retailers. Carriers are manufactured from low density polythene and feature a rigid plastic clip close handle. Bags are available in a variety of film colours.

Vest type carrier bags

Printed vest carrier bags are one of the most popular bags used in everyday shopping, most of our convenience stores and supermarkets use them as they are a strong and cost effective carrier bag.

Varigauge carrier bags

Varigauge carrier bags are produced from low density polythene which is blown in such a way that the polythene is double the thickness at the top of the carrier around the handle. This is a neater way of reinforcing the handle than using a patch.

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